Why Sports Academies Are Gaining Popularity (and it’s not what you think)

Across North America, you may have noticed a developing trend with the popularity and growth of sports academies. A sports academy is basically a business that blends private or online education with elite athletic development….and the participants couldn’t be happier.

Finally, it’s been recognized that the demands on our children to perform at one’s peak in school AND sport are not cohesively existing in its current form. Sports academies are simply addressing this situation.


School is stressful. Classes, projects, tests, homework, studying, class schedules, exams! Add to this the expectation from parents that their son/daughter excel in the classroom to their full potential.

Athletics is stressful. Practice, games, tournaments, travel, coaches, wins/losses, playoffs! Add to this the expectation from parents that their son/daughter excel in their sport to their full potential.



Sports academies have recognized the perils for student/athletes. While traditional schooling is sufficient for the majority of students, aspiring athletes have additional demands outside the classroom. Being a top performer in school AND sport requires that the two disciplines work together.

Enrolling in a sports academy is NOT about “buying the dream” or an inherit belief that their child will advance to the pros or Olympics. It is appreciating that there is an alternative that will provide our children with the best opportunity to succeed in both. Universities and Colleges provide this environment; so consider a sports academy as such for middle school ages.



If you’re considering a sports academy for your child, do your research. Academics should come first, then athletics. When it comes to pricing you need to remember that you’re purchasing private education AND elite sports training & development.

It may not be for everyone but, if you’re looking for an alternative to the traditional imbalance for your student/athlete, a sports academy might be the right solution.

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