If you’ve been a reader of my past few articles AND been applying the tools to your personal circumstances, you will have completed the following:

  1. Set your goals (WHAT)
  2. Connected an emotional attachment to these goals (WHY)
  3. Discovered the tools you’ll need to reach your goals (HOW)
  4. Written a contract with yourself (COMMIT)

The final step is a lesson I learned from a friend a long time ago. This friend happened to be very wealthy and owned a large property on the outskirts of town. We met at a golf tournament and just seemed to connect right away. I always enjoyed our get-togethers, for various reasons, but one being that I’m a believer that you should surround yourself with higher achievers than you to be inspired and to learn new things.

On one particular visit he brought me into his expansive garage of classic cars. While looking over his collection, I noticed a Harley Davidson in the corner. I also wanted a Harley! It was the only motorcycle amongst the collection, so I asked him a question about its origin.


He said that it was a gift…to himself! He had just closed a big deal and, as a reward, he purchased the bike to celebrate the achievement. He said that, in life or in business, you need to reward yourself along the journey; either to celebrate the milestones or as a reminder that you’re moving in the right direction to your goals.

Now, obviously at his pay scale, his celebratory rewards were in a category much higher than mine but the lesson is the same.


A journey of 1,000 miles starts with a single step and as you move towards your target you sometimes forget just how far you’ve come. If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, you don’t have to wait until the end to acknowledge the feat. Reward at 10 lbs; reward at 20 lbs! These are reminders that you’re achieving great things and a motivator to keep you going.

Rewards don’t have to cost big money OR any money at all! Whatever makes you feel good is a reward. It’s a conscious acknowledgement to yourself that you’re completing steps; whether it’s in the pursuit of your goal or the finality of achieving that personal contract (Step 4 above).


So, from this day forward it’s your new beginning! Make the vow to celebrate life’s milestones, big or small, and appreciate them all. Some may even call it a mindset of GRATEFULLNESS.

  • Adam Bennett is a coach & mentor for student/athletes at International Hockey Academy Florida in Clearwater, FL. Visit for more information.

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